ccc"Our mission is to bring people, businesses and organizations together, to be able to give of oneself for the benefit of others and in turn glorify Jesus Christ."



The "concept" of Cowboy Christian Connection, started out as one woman's desire to help Farmers, Ranchers, Cowboys and Families simply get to the NFR and provide a positive environment. Donna Evanoika Mitchell, President of Travel League, Inc., a full service travel agency located in Colorado Springs, has spent more than 20 years helping generations of the rodeo community including fans, contestants, families, organizations and businesses with their rodeo travel and NFR experience. Understanding the needs and demands of ranchers and farmers way of life by growing up on a ranch herself, she fully understands this western lifestyle. Where others would demand payment in full, High Plains Travel Co would make arrangements or wait until the fall crops were harvested or the cattle were sold to make final payment. She believes families, rodeo and working cowboys, ranchers and farmers exemplify the true rodeo fan and the best of rodeo tradition and the American spirit.


Over the years many of these Rodeo Fans had seen the Glitz of Vegas fade away. Donna listened and heard first-hand the need these clients traveling to NFR were desperate for. These families needed a safe place to go, outside of the bars and casinos.

With the many changes in Las Vegas, within the rodeo and her continuing growth in her faith, Donna became inspired to find a safe Venue where God had an arena. A place each day, scheduled around the NFR, where people could gather and fellowship. She wanted to see more Christ in "Sin City".

Moving full steam ahead God started placing valuable contacts in her life such as, Christian Cowboy's, businesses and organizations that had the same vision. Things started to come together with CCC heading to Las Vegas during the NFR. That is until August 20th 2010, her son Brandon Mitchell passed away at the young age of 24. This happened right in the middle of heavy planning. Life was turned upside down and family matters took front stage. Just as the pieces of CCC seemed to be falling apart Gods hand came in, people started calling and all the puzzle pieces started appearing again. Donna credits God's grace for giving her strength and for making CCC at the NFR happen.


Growing up on a ranch herself, Donna looks at every rancher as if it were her own father. She admires the hard-work, ethics and values she grew up around. Cowboy Christian Connection is more than the trip to the National Finals Rodeo. It is an organization dedicated to extending services to Cowboys, Ranchers, Farmers and the "Rodeo Family" and in turn glorifies Jesus Christ.




Acts 4:29 (New International Version) 29Now, Lord, consider their threats and enable your servants to speak your word with great boldness.