Medical Coverage Abroad

Even with the most careful planning, unexpected things can happen while traveling. Sometimes, travel delays or weather changes prove to be only minor inconveniences. But, if you become ill while traveling, it has the potential to disrupt your entire trip.

With HINI influenza and other viruses in the recent news, more travelers are concerned about the possibility of falling ill while away from home. However, an illness doesn’t have to be exotic or newsworthy to disrupt your trip – a case of stomach flu, a reaction to medication, an accident that causes injury or a sudden condition that requires surgery can all wreak havoc on a carefully planned, long-awaited vacation.

If you don’t have insurance that covers you while traveling – most U.S. medical insurance does not cover clients when they are outside the country – treatment costs can be significant. And, in a foreign country, you may even be required to pay medical bills in full before you are allowed to leave.

Fortunately, you can protect yourself in advance by purchasing medical insurance, including medical evacuation insurance, when you book your trip. Medical evacuation insurance covers the cost of being transported home for treatment, which is especially important if you’re traveling to a country with questionable standards of medical care. Access America and Travel Guard are two well-known providers of this type of insurance.

If you don’t believe that anything could interrupt your next trip, you should know that the United States Travel Insurance Association estimates that as many as one in six travelers who purchase travel insurance need to file a claim. And, travel insurance is more affordable that you may expect.

Talk with our travel professionals about the peace of mind that your purchase of travel insurance, including medical coverage, can provide.